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Using Vim to edit gEDA wiki pages

To easy edit gEDA wiki pages in Vim you may use DokuVimKi.

You can install DokuVimKi as follows:

  1. Download the latest version of DokuVimKi and copy all its files into appropriate directories in ~/.vim:
      git clone git://
      cd dokuvimki
      for i in doc plugin syntax; do cp "$i"/* ~/.vim/"$i"/; done 
  2. To use :h dokuvimki to open DokuVimKi help you can generate Vim help tags for it using :helptags ~/.vim/doc/ in Vim.
  3. You can optionally use another dokuwiki syntax file. I use one from
  4. To install DokuVimKi you need to have xmlrpclib installed on your system. It has probably been already installed as part of python installation. You can check this using:
      locate xmlrpclib 

    See for more information on this.

  5. You also need to install dokuwikixmlrpc. Download and install the latest version:
      git clone git://
      cd dokuwikixmlrpc
      sudo python install

    See the Python documentation for more information about installing python modules.

  6. Then to set up DokuVimKi for gEDA you need to add some strings into your ~/.vimrc file:
    let g:DokuVimKi_USER = "your_wiki_login_name"
    let g:DokuVimKi_PASS = "YOUR_WIKI_PASSWORD"
    let g:DokuVimKi_URL = ""
    " Optional settings. See ':DWhelp' for details.
    ""let g:DokuVimKi_INDEX_WINWIDTH = 30
    ""let g:DokuVimKi_DEFAULT_SUM = "[xmlrpc dokuvimki edit]"
  7. To invoke Vim with DokuVimKi features available you have to use:
     vim +DokuVimKi 

    To quickly invoke this command you could add the following aliases into your ~/.bashrc file:

    # Vim aliases for gEDA
    alias vimgeda="vim +DokuVimKi"
    alias gvimgeda="gvim +DokuVimKi"

That's all. Type gvimgeda, wait a bit and enjoy the online Dokuwiki editing in Vim!

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