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Release Notes for gsch2pcb Tutorial

These are the release notes to the gsch2pcb tutorial.

  • Starting with the PCB-20050609 snapshot, PCB has a new Gtk user interface which replaces the old Xaw interface and this tutorial will describe using the Gtk interface. If you are still using the Xaw PCB, you can search the older version of this tutorial in your distribution, which is very likely also not up to date with info on the gEDA gafrc files.
  • If you have a gschem version less than 20030525 these tutorial examples may not work as expected.
  • If you have gEDA version 20030901 installed such that you are using its included gsch2pcb 0.9 and you are getting an error:
    ERROR: Unbound variable: open-output-pipe

    then the problem is syntax in gnet-gsch2pcb.scm that worked in guile 1.4 but does not work in guile 1.6. You'll need to upgrade to using at least gsch2pcb 1.0.1 to solve this problem.

  • As of about 1/9/2004 CVS PCB versions changed to using a hi resolution output file format which will require using at least gsch2pcb-1.4.
  • Mini Changelog
    • 5/16/2007 Imported into wiki. We'll see if it's worth keeping this Changelog up to date after this.
    • 6/23/2005 Added gafrc file info to setup section. Updated the tutorial to use the Gtk PCB.
    • 1/10/2004 Corrected my sloppy PCB file elements which had silkscreen lines overlapping solder pads.
    • 12/23/2003 Added comments about new CVS PCB versions which have the m4 and newlib directories default installed under /usr/share or /usr/local/share.

Source of the original document

The tutorial was originally prepared by Bill Wilson (billw–at–

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