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Schematic and symbol pages

You can have one or more schematic or symbol pages open at a time in gschem. Each page is associated with a file on disk. Schematic pages are stored in .sch files, and symbol pages in .sym files.

Opening pages and creating new pages

If you ran gschem without selecting a schematic or symbol to open (see Running gschem), gschem will open displaying a new schematic page, containing a “B” paper title block. Further new pages can be created with File→New or Page→New.

To open a page from disk, select File→Open. This will display a file selection window, where you can choose which file to open. You can change whether you want to show schematic files, symbol files, or both using the menu at the bottom-right of the file selector.

To go to the next open page, select Page→Next or press Page Down. To go to the previous open page, select Page→Previous or press Page Up.

Saving pages

To save your changes to a schematic or symbol to disk, select File→Save. If you have been working on a new page and you haven't saved it before, gschem will display a file selection window and prompt you to choose where to save it.

If you have been working on an existing schematic or page, but you want to save it to a different file, select File→Save As.

Closing and reverting pages

To close the current page, select Page→Close. If you have made changes to the page since you last saved it, gschem will ask you if you wish to save them before closing the page. If you close all the schematics or symbols that you have open, gschem will automatically create a new schematic page in the same way as File→New does.

If you have made changes to the page, but you wish to go back to the version that is saved on disk, select File→Revert or Page→Revert. gschem will prompt you to confirm that you wish to discard your changes.

If you exit gschem with some unsaved pages open, a window will be shown with a list of unsaved pages. You can then select which pages you want to save, or return to editing.

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