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Mouse gesture support

Some actions can be accessed using mouse gestures. Mouse gestures are performed by clicking and dragging the middle mouse button. Gestures are not normally enabled; to enable them, you need to add:

(middle-button "stroke")

to a gschem configuration file.

By default, the following gestures are available:

  • Draw a “Z” to begin drawing a region of interest box to zoom to, like View→Zoom Box (see Viewing schematics).
  • Draw a line upwards to zoom out.
  • Draw a line downwards to zoom in.
  • Draw a “S” to return to Select Mode (see Selecting objects).
  • Draw a “C” to copy selected objects, like Edit→Copy Mode (see Moving and copying).
  • Draw a “M” to move selected objects, like Edit→Move Mode (see Moving and copying).
  • Draw an “E” to edit selected objects, like Edit→Edit.
  • Draw a “D” to delete selected objects, like Edit→Delete.
  • Draw an “L” to begin adding lines.
  • Draw an “N” to begin adding nets.

To modify or add to the available gestures, please see examples in the gschem system configuration file.

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