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Google Summer of Code 2008

The gEDA Project has been accepted into the Google's Summer of Code 2008 program! The gEDA project is excited to have this opportunity again (second year for gEDA in GSoc!) and thanks Google for investing in and organizing the GSoC program. This wiki page will develop as we plan our GSoC 2008 activities.

Suggested Projects

You are welcome to either suggest a new project idea, or select one from our list of suggested projects.

What we ask from Students

2008 is the second year in which the gEDA Project has participated in Google's Summer of Code program. Through our experience, we have learned a couple of things about running a successful program. Here are the things we ask of our students to help make the GSoC experience a success for everybody. (sponsored gEDA projects in 2007)

Mentors and Administrators

Here is a list of mentors and administrators for the gEDA Project's GSoC in 2008. Please feel free to contact any of us with any questions you may have.

  • DJ Delorie (dj (AT) delorie (DOT) com) - PCB
  • Al Davis (ad151 (AT) freeelectron (DOT) net) - gnucap
  • Peter Brett (peter (AT) peter-b (DOT) co (DOT) uk) - gEDA/gaf
  • Peter Clifton (pcjc2 (AT) cam (DOT) ac (DOT) uk) - gEDA/gaf
  • Werner Hoch (werner (DOT) ho (AT) gmx (DOT) de) - gEDA/gaf and circuit simulation tools
  • Stuart Brorson (sdb (AT) cloud9 (DOT) net) - gerbv
  • John Luciani (jluciani (AT) gmail (DOT) com) - gEDA test suite and PCB footprint calculator
  • Steve Tell (tell (AT) telltronics (DOT) org) - gwave
  • Steve Williams (steve (AT) icarus (DOT) com) - Icarus Verilog
  • Cary R. (cygcary (AT) yahoo (DOT) com) - Icarus Verilog
  • Stuart Brorson (sdb (AT) cloud9 (DOT) net) - Primary GSoC admin
  • Ales Hvezda (ahvezda (AT) moria (DOT) seul (DOT) org) - Back-up GSoC admin
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