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Syntax features

The new gEDA Project Wiki pages are hosted using Dokuwiki version 09 March 2006. This wiki-engine has several enhancements:

  • Bug fixes.
  • A new toolbar in the editor.
  • Syntax enhancements.
  • Updates to the Search feature. You can now search for exact phrases by enclosing them with double quotes, and use “*” wildcard searches.
  • Google sitemap support. Your edited content will be indexed by Google much faster.
  • You can upload and embed other files into the pages using the MediaPopup feature on the toolbar in the editor (including image files, flash files, PDF files, etc.). Please note that image/media files can not be removed once uploaded by an author.
  • Footnotes.
  • Larger global cache, allowing for larger documents (currently set to 20 MB).
  • You can subscribe to e-mail pagechange notification, on a wiki-page by wiki-page basis. If you are interested in monitoring the changes made by others to a spicific page, simply press the “Subscribe Changes” button at the bottom of the wiki-page. To unsubscribe from a wiki-page, simply press the “Unsubscribe Changes” button.
  • URLs are now “pretty”.
  • Breadcrumbs (i.e., the line at the top of the browser's window that starts with “Trace:”. This is a “where are you” indicator.
  • Wiki-pages can be exported to different formats (e.g., plain-text, simple XHTML (the page without navigational elements), rendered XHTML (no head or body tags), HTTP).
  • The <code></code> tag supports syntax highlighting for numerous programming languages.
  • A playground for authors to “play” with new features, before implimenting on the wiki's pages.
  • Control of Dokuwiki's caching operations. This is important to wiki-page authors, as sometimes a page gets cached by Dokuwiki on the server, and needs to be purged. Remember, what the author sees may not be what others see.
    This is different than your browser's cache, which may occassionally need to be flushed. For example, when the PHP global memory limit is exceeded, that wiki-page can't be displayed, even if the PHP global memory limit is changed on the server. You would need to flush your browser's cache to load and view the wiki-page.
  • XMLRPC access to edit pages with tools like vim with DokuVimKi plugin.
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