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How to contribute

gEDA is run by volunteers, so these are volunteer (read: unpaid) tasks. Please consider helping out. Thank you.

  • Contribute parts
    Have you created your own symbols, footprints or tools for use with gEDA? Maybe you want to upload them to and share them with the community.
  • Test UNIX Ports
    People are always needed to test gEDA on different and new UNIX like operating systems. This person would basically download a new release and make sure it works on their platform of choice. Any problems found would be then submitted to the appropriate gEDA author.

Website and documentation

This wiki section of the gEDA website is dedicated to documentation that is contributed by a multitude of authors, including users. In particular, it should grow into a resource of information for those who just started to work with the tools.

  • Documentation Writers/Editors
    Somebody is needed to act as an editor for the gEDA documentation effort. Basically this person would take whatever documentation already exists and/or is currently being written and formats it into something presentable. This individual does not write the actual documentation, but would instead perform editorial work. People who want to write the actual documentation are also needed. (See below how to get started editing the documentation on the wiki).
  • Website/Mirror Hacker
    Somebody to watch over the mirrors and maybe do some HTML hacking is needed. There are currently three websites which need to be monitored and occasionally fixed. The person would also have influence in the changing/expansion of the gEDA website. Duties would be split among the current webmasters.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to the website. Unlike Wikipedia there is no button to create a login by yourself. This is because nobody at the gEDA site has the nerves to deal with anonymous vandalism. Consequently, you have to write an email to the site admin (dj AT to gain access. In your e-mail to the wiki site admin, please indicate that you have read and agree to follow the gEDA Project's Code of Conduct. You should subscribe to and participate in some discussion on the geda-user mailing list before requesting a wiki account.

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